Above are just a few of the pictures taken of a velocity home after weeks of trying to get palm harbor to finish out. do not buy until you contact us.

                                             -- David G. Davis


This, too, because of the quality of their paint and wood strand/ wood fiber siding they are building 1 year houses.

The paint has washed off or has been completely neglected in many areas. Was delivered 10/16/2013 in the rain. Many swollen boards already and has only been here 2+ weeks.

This is what we found throughout the home..

The quality of their workmanship is atrocious. I have many many more photos and videos I will be glad to send you to help with the decision making process concerning the  purchase of a new home.


The Lord has brought you to this site to protect you and your family. Our purchase has become a nightmare. When we were promised Cavco / Palm Harbor quality we had no idea their quality standards are nonexistent as seen in photos..

When we were promised CAVCO / PALM HARBOR QUALITY WE NEVER EXPECTED WHAT THEY DELIVERED AND REFUSE TO REPAIR. what we experienced EQUATES TO A BAIT AND SWITCH. We view a  pristine DISPLAY MODEL then they deliver this.  You can find MUCH BETTER QUALITY ON THE MARKET FOR $50,000.  email or call us for more pictures and ADVIcE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A NEW HOME. watch for youtube video we will post soon. .

Palm Harbor the black sheep of the Cavco  Industries, Inc.



We purchased this home for my 87 year old dad to live in and had it placed just feet from our home. When dad told us he wanted to move to Crockett to live out his life we did all we could to get him there asap. He spent 23 years in the US Army and this is the least we could do to try to repay his kindness. He is also a colon cancer survivor. He has overcome many obstacles in his life and worked extremely hard. Now Palm Harbor has put his life on hold after taking $50,000 from him. They refuse to get his home ready to move in. It has sat on our property for close to 3 weeks now and Palm Harbor refuses to give us a time frame on the make ready. They are not use to people with time on their side. Most people have to move on a schedule. They put you off and when you move in before they have it completed they VOID your warranty. What a scam. Looks like by the subpar workmanship they win when they force you to give up your warranty by dragging their feet.  If they will abuse an 87 year old DISABLED RETIRED VETERAN what makes you think they will not do it to you also???? I have contacted the Presidents of Cavco and Palm Harbor and will post results as they happen... After almost 3 weeks of searching for the right contact person to get this resolved I finally think I found the correct person to handle this fiasco. I contacted Norman Ball, with Cavco, the parent company of Palm Harbor and Mr. Ball really got the ball rolling. today, after having the trailer sit here empty for 20 days, we had a painter show up. He was able to caulk and seal all the exposed wood. He was able to paint the outside of the home with the exception of the soffit.  fascia, and trim before the rain started. He said he will return when weather permits. While he was here I received a call from the Palm Harbor factory. I was told that tomorrow the carpet would be replaced and my long list of necessary repairs would be done. Will keep you posted on the status and quality of repairs. 

Their actions prove they have no respect for our military. To stress and abuse an 87 year old disabled vet that spent 23 years serving in 3 wars is example enough.

Most trim boards are split like pictured to the left.


I instead decided to update. Sean uses contractors to setup and finish out home that do a very poor job. Was not leveled properly and was set at least 1 foot higher up than necessary. The factory after many hours of struggle finally sent a crew out that did numerous repairs and replaced the bad carpet. I would be glad to share contact info. with you if you need it. I will also post your story here if you have problems like us.

There are many warped boards and siding that is bowed out. The trim around all the windows will need to be caulked and painted still. There are many spots on the sheetrock were texture was repaired improperly. Sean gave a worker the master key to the home and after doing setup this contractor gave it to me. How many people have master keys to your home? Make Palm Harbor send you a set of un mastered locks to be safe.

Here it is almost 5 months later and still waiting on Cavco to make promised repairs. All you get from the area manager is you bought a

Volkswagen not a Mercedes, Be glad you didn't buy our Fleetwood line.  

Coming Soon photos of ?

What they call repairs, 3+ tries and still same issues. and this is with Gold Key care not the normal warranty.